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Restorative Dentistry Rusellville AL

Woman looking at her smile in a mirror after getting restorative dental treatment at Singing River Dentistry in Russellville, ALRestoring broken, damaged, or missing teeth is an extremely important aspect of our practice. We promote the education and prevention of oral disease, which also includes the restoration and repair of disease to have a healthy mouth. Your oral health matters to our doctors.

At Singing River Dentistry in Russellville, AL, we can review the status of your oral tissue, make recommendations, and improve your oral health as needed.

What is Restorative Dentistry?

Restorative dentistry focuses on rebuilding and strengthening your oral tissues following the removal of disease. This can include your teeth, gums, other soft tissue and supporting bone. We understand that the oral tissues are constantly at high risk of disease because it is one of the few areas of our body that makes regular contact with disease-causing bacteria. It's in the air we breathe, the foods and drinks we consume, and anything else that makes contact with our mouth.

Rebuilding and strengthening your teeth is important. The benefits of dental restoration include:
•  Better Function: We use our teeth throughout each day. They help us chew, assist in our speech, and help us reflect emotion - including creating a beautiful smile. Having a healthy bite improves our function and use.
•  Protecting Your Bite: Missing teeth leave room for neighboring teeth to shift out of alignment and move into the space. This movement is rarely going to be in your favor. Adjusting your bite through uncontrolled tooth movement can cause frustration or even pain in your jaw joint.
•  Uneven Bite Force: Missing or damaged teeth can cause minor adjustments in how you chew. This means uneven chewing and eventually uneven wear to your other teeth. This will mean future work for those worn teeth that can be expensive or even painful.

Types of Dental Restorations

Restoration is the rebuilding, strengthening, and elevating the health of your oral cavity - that includes the treatment of existing disease. Some of our restorative dental treatments include the following:

Dental Filling

A dental filling is the most common dental restoration we perform. We use a filling material, including amalgam and porcelain composite, to fill spaces following the removal of decay and to make simple repairs. These strong materials work well for small restorations.

Dental Crown

We may recommend a dental crown to cover and protect a tooth that has experienced more severe damage or trauma. Crowns are sometimes referred to as caps because they fully encapsulate a tooth. Dental crowns are available in a variety of materials, each with their own benefit. We will make recommendations on materials depending on the location of the tooth being capped.

Dental Bridge

A dental bridge is a dental prosthodontic that restores missing teeth. The device is created with crowns on either end designed to fit over a healthy tooth or dental implant to anchor the device in place with artificial teeth between. A dental bridge can be an excellent option in restoring missing teeth. The advancement of dental implants allows this option to benefit more patients. We are even able to secure a full arch of teeth by securing a full arch dental bridge to multiple dental implants for a permanent hold.

Dental Implants

We can rebuild a missing tooth root with a dental implant. This incredible advancement in dentistry has changed tooth restoration. It is better for your bone health and your oral health.

A dental implant is a metal or ceramic device that we can surgically embed into your bone - where it will serve as a firm post in your mouth once healed. We can then use this post to secure a dental crown, bridge, or even a denture. It provides a remarkable benefit in rebuilding and restoring oral health.

All on 4

This a restorative procedure that allows patients to replace all of their missing teeth with only four dental implants.


When a patient has no healthy teeth remaining, we can use a denture to restore missing teeth. In the past dentures were known to provide limited function. With the advancement of dental implants, however, we can now hold your denture firmly in place. They will feel and function much more like your natural teeth.

Dental Inlays and Onlays

A dental inlay or onlay, sometimes called a partial dental crown, or a ¾ crown, provides yet another restorative dental treatment option. Instead of fully encasing a tooth with a crown, a dental inlay is customized to fit inside the damaged portion of the tooth. A dental onlay is customized to fit the outside portion of the tooth - where damage exists. This is a treatment within the holistic dental approach, using minimal resources to repair just the damaged area and leaving the rest of the tooth intact.

Dental Extraction

Extraction or removal of teeth should never be taken lightly. We only want to remove teeth when it will promote the health of your oral cavity. Retaining your natural healthy teeth is always preferred. That being said, we will recommend the removal of teeth that are:
•  Impacted
•  Part of your orthodontic plan
•  Diseased beyond restoration
•  Fractured beyond restoration

Impacted Teeth

An impacted tooth is a tooth that is unable to move fully into position. This can be due to its positioning or lack of adequate space. The most commonly impacted teeth include the wisdom teeth and the incisors. An impacted tooth can include any percentage of the tooth being unable to move into position. An impacted tooth will require extraction because of its increased chance of infection and disease.

Root Canal Procedure

When the root of a tooth becomes infected, a treatment known as a root canal is required. A tooth root will not heal on its own. We will need to gain access to the inside of the tooth and remove the infected material. Many patients express fear over this treatment, but we will provide anesthetic to increase your comfort. Following your root canal procedure, we will often recommend protecting the now weakened tooth with a dental crown.

Smile Makeover

A complete smile makeover can be customized for our Singing River Dentistry patients! Both restorative and cosmetic procedures might be combined to give you the greatest structural and aesthetic results possible. We will work with you to craft an individual treatment plan for your smile makeover!

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