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Night Mouth Guard

Image of a mouthguard from Singing River Dentistry in Russellville, AL 35653Sleep deprivation is one of the worst things to deal with. We’re not talking about insomnia, which is a different condition altogether. Here we are addressing teeth grinding, which is a more serious problem than you can imagine. If there’s strong tension in your jaws, then you are bound to grind your teeth while you’re asleep. This often breaks your sleep cycle and causes more damage to your teeth every night. Wearing a night mouthguard can help prevent teeth grinding and provide sound sleep. It’s important to get a mouthguard that fits correctly and is comfortable to wear while sleeping. This is why getting in touch with Singing River Dentistry can help you find the right night mouthguard solution.

Prevent Tooth Damage

Constant teeth grinding results in friction between your teeth and you could end up losing the enamel which acts as a protective layer over your teeth. Enamel loss can lead to oversensitive teeth, making it difficult to consume hot and cold food items. It can also damage your tooth filling, causing you multiple trips to the dental clinic. Wearing a good quality night mouthguard will protect your teeth enamel and keep those fillings intact.

Reduce Jaw Tension

Teeth grinding causes us to clench the jaw muscles in our sleep. This built-up tension can lead to severe muscle pain and an incorrectly aligned jaw, commonly known as temporomandibular joint dysfunction, or TMD. Wearing a night mouthguard regularly helps release jaw tension and pain while also keeping the jaw in shape. You need to remember that the night mouthguard should be designed to fit your mouth in order to provide maximum comfort.

Reduces Headache

Most people that grind their teeth fail to realize that the biggest cause of their headache is due to jaw clenching and teeth grinding. Excessive teeth grinding causes toothache eventually that accelerates into headaches. It is also responsible for earaches, neck pains, and discomfort in talking and muscle fatigue. With the right night mouthguard, you will be able to keep all these pains away.

Better Sleep Pattern

One of the most common problems of teeth grinding is that you will constantly wake up in the middle of the night and have trouble going back to sleep. Your sleep is disturbed because of the discomfort that your teeth grinding habit is causing. Using the right night mouthguard will provide relief from this discomfort and help you sleep better.

Helps Save Money

The damage you can cause to your teeth and health due to teeth grinding is underrated. Ignoring this problem over a lengthy period can end up in hefty dental bills. Apart from teeth damage, your overall health gets affected and lack of sleep also affects your productivity. For those who are experiencing sleep apnea, we offer oral appliances that look similar to mouth guards as treatment.

A simple night mouthguard can help prevent these problems and cut down your medical expenses. So why wait, give us a call on 256-460-4191 to learn more about the best night mouthguards. Custom night mouthguards are preferred in comparison to the ones available over the counter since they’re designed to fit your mouth perfectly. Drop in here at Singing River Dentistry to get your night mouthguard customized for you and sleep like a baby.

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